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Sports Club Apps

Professionally designed and custom made for your business, published to both apple & google.

  • digital loyalty cards you're customers will love
  • app vouchers & special offers to keep people coming back
  • quick table bookings
  • instant online ordering
  • order & pay at table
  • virtual scratch card marketing
  • unlimited push notifications

The best marketing tool your business will ever have. 
Find out more below.

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Instantly engage with your customers


Push messages offer a read rate of 95% - increasing customer engagement


Send pictures, links & attachments directly to your customer's phones


Using our enhanced Push Message Engine, you can send your messages to groups or individuals and you can link the notification to another feature on your app in order to boost your promotions, ads and other adverts on your app.

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Receive booking requests for tables from within the app via email


Customers will be able to request a table with the click of  button


Add custom options to your booking form, making it easier for customers to book with you

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(premium app)

Take Away & Delivery Orders

Pay At Table Options

In-App Promotions

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All your Deals & Offers in one easy to access place

Easily send "Use Only Once" Vouchers to your customers to draw them back into your business

Upsell & promote higher yield products

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mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (6).png


No more lost cards or expensive printing costs


An effective loyalty system can increase customer's spend  by 35%


Use it to increase customer engagement and repeat business


Reward your customers for their continued loyalty at the press of a button


mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (2).png
mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (1).png


No more expensive printing costs with our digital scratch cards


An effective system that will increase in-store foot traffic by at least 30%


Use it to increase customer engagement and repeat business


Reward your customers in-store when they show you their winning scratch card and remove the voucher so they may try again.


QR 1.png
QR 2.png


Add a voucher to the app that only works when a customer comes into your business and scans a QR code that you have hidden somewhere.


An effective system to increase foot traffic



Use it to increase customer engagement and repeat business


Reward your customers for coming in to your business by making it fun as they search for your hidden QR code.


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A very easy way for customers to share your app.


Available to share across multiple platforms


Use it to gain more downloads in order to market to more people for free 


Reward your new customers for them having downloaded the app and generate more foot traffic in-store


Bday Clubhouse.png
Bday McKenzies.png


A great way to get people to celebrate their birthday in your restaurant or pub


Nobody celebrates alone so by offering the birthday person a great deal, you will also gain their guests


Use it to increase repeat business.

mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (6).png


Get your customers to review your restaurant either directly on your app or alternatively have a link directly to a review platform such as trip advisor, yelp or any other of the review platforms out there.

This is a great feature to attract more customers to your restaurant.

mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (10).png
mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (7).png


A brilliant way to for your customers to interact with your other customers and yourself as a business owner.


Post anything you like on the page and customers are also able to post, react, upload pics of your brilliant food, comment on other posts etc.


Use it to increase customer engagement and repeat business

Another brilliant advertising feature.

Jacks Event.png
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Advertise all of your upcoming events on your app easily and quickly for free.


A fantastic way to get more in-store foot traffic


Use it to gain repeat business


0 carbon footprint advertising


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mockup-of-an-iphone-12-pro-max-5012-el1 (8).png


If you want your customers to see your food, venue or anything else, this is a great way to display your images.


You are able to name or describe each picture individually and have all of your customers salivating


Use this to promote your restaurant/bar food, drinks, seating areas etc.

Menu Cute.png
Menu Josies.png


This feature enables you to showcase your brilliant menus


There are many ways to display your menus which are extremely simple to edit.

Use it to increase your sales and to provide customers with information about the type of food, drinks etc. you serve

Contact Lazy Fox.png
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No more expensive printing costs when it comes to advertising or creating something special on your app.


Custom pages are used to create any sort of advertising and/or get information out to your customers that your heart desires.

Use it to create social media links, food challenges, drinks deals, upcoming events, contact pages, links to main app menu, hidden forms, features etc. 

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